AiT. Amsterdam in transition / study

The study is about how a suburb in the ‘far west’ of Amsterdam heads towards a highly frequented location within the metropolitan area of the city, where people live, work and visit for leisure and pleasure. Economic change has changed the meaning of a place. The identity of a place has weakened and has become more hybrid in composition because of the impact of global labor migration. With the division of social policy and economy, cultural consequences are appearing. The work environment cannot be looked at in isolation; it needs to offer a new kind of city life to cope with the new economy.

The study shows a possible approach of changing the yet anonymous transit area by implanting a social and economical hub which manifests itself on different levels with its surrounding.


type/ multifunctional building; hotel, offices, shops, lounge, leisure facilities, service and utility departments, car park, public traffic hub location/ Amsterdam West. NL area/ 1.5 ha team/ atelier ka



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