atelier ka is an international, Amsterdam based design and research studio working in the field of architecture, space and (graphic)-design.

atelier ka concerns itself with the integral approach of architectural design, spatial transformation and social structures.


atelier ka is accountable for ensuring the design process is effective and efficient while driving its competitive advantage and sustainable performance in a continuously changing environment.

We do this by avoiding pre-packaged solutions and by understanding our client’s needs. atelier ka delivers smart infrastructure and tailored solutions, which address today’s needs and create tomorrow’s innovations.


Depending on the demand and complexity of the specific projects, atelier ka is using its broad network to collaborate with other professionals and disciplines.

Alexandra Kern, MSc Arch, born in Zurich, Switzerland, studied architecture in Switzerland and at the TU Delft/ NL where she graduated in 2003. In 2001, during her studies, she moved to the Netherlands where she has been working and living ever since. After an extensive experience working for leading offices as a designer and project leader, she founded her own practice, atelier ka, in 2013.

To view a full portfolio, please visit us at LinkedIn.


Since 2013, besides working on her own projects, Alexandra Kern has worked as a freelance architect with:


werkhof ag/ Zurich.CH

office winhov/ Amsterdam.NL

Tangram architekten/ Amsterdam.NL


As from October 2015, atelier ka is, besides working on our own assignments, also working on various projects with:


Janpaul Scholtmeijer/ Amsterdam.NL

BURA urbanism/ Amsterdam.NL



We are always interested in collaborations and freelance work!


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