GreenFinch/ CASA NOVA competition

first prize location, third prize overall


Haaglanden sets out a competition on how to generate innovative housing concepts for stacked and sustainable homes in one of three possible locations. The brief was program free in terms of the amount of dwellings, the typologies and the height of the building but each living unit was required to have an outdoor space. Furthermore, the design had to relate to environmental characteristics.


The chosen site is located at the border of the city and the countryside, the park and the village. By placing the building at the southern edge of the park and by lifting it off ground, the underlying landscape stays intact and the building seems floating above the park. The long but narrow building is six storeys high and contains single-family apartments and triple-layered penthouses and is orientated to the park and countryside.


client/ Stadsgewest Haaglanden type/ different apartment typologies and underground parking location/ Den Haag. NL date/ 2006 area/ 0.2 ha team/ Alexandra Kern and Ralf Pasel



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