House G in Switzerland completed

House G / completed

The atelier has been asked to come up with a smart solution for reorganizing part of an existing one family house. The modern, four-story height house stands as part of a group of five on the hillside of Wädenswil, enjoying magnificent views overlooking the lower lake of Zurich and all the way to the Glaris Alps.

The top floor, now television and workspace, has to be turned into a master bedroom and should acoustically be separated from the rest of the house.

The design has to maintain the spatial quality of the room; the size, the height and the amazing view must remain guaranteed.

The workspace is shifted to the hallway of the second floor. Here, the challenge is how to integrate workplace and storage for books and folders into a limited space…

The solution for both rooms is rather simple. By designing two ‘all-in-one solution’ furniture, the functional and esthetical demands are elegantly solved.

On the top floor this furniture appears as a white room divider and accommodates, besides being a comfortable bed and a TV lounge, storage space for cloth, books, bedding and outdoor cushions. For the acoustic, a floor-length, ceiling-mounted wool felt curtain not only absorbs sound and noise but also regulates the moisture of the environment.

The designed wall- length bookshelf on the second floor has enough space for office stuff and extra storage space as well as for a pull-out work surface. The furniture are made out of veneered and coated MDF.



client/ private type/ interior design location/ Wädenswil. CH

date/ 2014 team/ atelier ka, Alexandra Kern woodwork/ Kundenschreinerei Pius Imfeld textiles/ Marion Porro, Innendekoration upholstery/ Bopp AG photography and photo styling/ Karin Kern Fotostyling



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