House V / completed

atelier ka has recently completed the renovation and interior design of a two-floor apartment in the heart of the Museumquartier in Amsterdam.


For the renovation of this apartment three things were essential: the merging of two separate residential floors, the creation of (storage-) space and the interior alterations.


A logical internal connection is made by blocking up the former entrance hall to the second floor with a built-in, double-sided cupboard and by breaking open the wall of the living room.

A sliding door gives the possibility to close off the living space from the more private area on the second floor.


The interior has been stripped of all unnecessary details and reduced to an elegant and timeless design, all within a limited budget.



client/ private type/ renovation apartment location/ Amsterdam. NL date/ 2013- 2014 area/ 150 m2 team/ atelier ka, Alexandra Kern contractor/ Klusbedrijf Gemaakt Purmerend (Frits van der Sande)

lighting/ lichtstudio vanderhee photography/ Sanne Paul


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