House MAJ/ completed

atelier ka was approached with the question for a design of a bedroom with plenty of cupboard space. It soon became clear that a new twist had to be given to the current arrangement of the furniture. By turning the bed a quarter turn into the middle of the room, space was created for making a walk- in closet. Due to the new position of the bed, a boudoir table could be realized over the entire length of the room. The new cabinets are reticent in color and shape: white Pax cabinets from ikea with tailor-made plywood doors, finished with hpl layers. the design is completed with distinctive colors on the walls and a beautiful wardrobe made of copper tube.


client/ private type/ renovation bedroom, furniture design  location/ Amsterdam. NL date/ 2017 area/ 25m2 team/ atelier ka, Alexandra Kern contractor/ Jeremy Danbury

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