K-ZONE / study completed 2012

The study site, situated north of the centre ring of Haarlem and within walking distance from the central station, actually feels like foursome loose landscapes with different functions and not much context. The aim is to strengthen the unity and the green quality of the site and to fill in some social functions. Each of the area will have its own character and the existing qualities restored or even strengthened. The relationship between the different areas can be achieved by a clearly readable east- west walking route. This route will connect not only all the different facilities such as restaurant, bird hospital and some autarkic single family homes but also an informal network of path structures.

This study illustrates possible future developments of the area. In the final vision this areas would be embedded in a green, east- west connected landscape containing different functions. The most important new facility will be a ‘nature education centre’- accessible not only for schools but for the neighbourhood as well.


client/ Municipality of Haarlem type/ urban study about revitalizing, incorporating and adding location/ Haarlem. NL date/ 2012 area/ 27 ha team/ Tangram architecture and urban landscape (Bart Mispelblom Beyer, Alexandra Kern)


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