competition third prize


With this design competition, Bouwfonds MAB adds the living arrangements of young urban people on their agenda. How can this target group be bound to the city? The statement is that young urban people form not only an important generator for urban behavior but are as well acting as a catalyst for creative economic activities, and are therefore very important to a vital city life. The challenge in this competition is about the appearance of the post-war neighborhood that influences both, the design of the housing and the behavior of the target group.


SmartLab is the strategy for renewing the post-war city: SmartLab wants to use the excess of (public) space and the restructuring of the existing housing block in order to implement new forms of concentrated urbanism and high quality environment.

A new added tower and the existing housing block complement each other, whereby the tower creates an icon and the block provides the framework for an intensive urbanization within the boundaries of the block.


client/ Bouwfonds type/ housing competition in two phases location/ Den Haag. NL date/ 2006 area/ 100 ha phase1, 870 m2 phase 2 team/ Alexandra Kern, Marco Broekman, Bas van Bolderen, Nolly Vos, Ralph Smit, Stef van der Graag








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